From Los Angeles to San Diego, we are one of the Southern California’s favorite neighborhood Faux  Finishers  since 2010.  If your building is an early twentieth-century or an ultra-modern construction, as Color Specialist and Faux  Finishes  Company we will take real pride creating your space into a beautiful environment, either with Faux Finishes or decorative  paint, considering a well-painted wall, floor, fence or furniture an excellent material for a good decoration.

   In fact! we love transforming older theaters, restaurants and antique homes into testaments of what a well design of paint  colors  and finishes can achieve. 

   You want value delivered by a team that treats your project as your sanctuary with individual attention and special care on details and we have this for you, starting from our knowledge and comprehensive prep work to our complete and total clean-up.

   Perfection is what we provide, filling holes, patching, sanding, preparing surfaces and faux  finishing  with excellent quality, for this reason your investment rises in value!

   Working directly with builders,  homeowners, real estate agents, residential and commercial management companies, contractors and decorators throughout Southern California. 

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Elegant  Finishes  on wall  that  you  can  have  in  any  color  to  create  harmony  in  your   room.    

For  the  month  of  July  receive  20%  Discount  on  your Accent  Wall.  

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